Allergy & Dermatology Testing

Allergies and dermatological issues can cause stress in animals and homes. In general, dermatitis is the term used to describe a condition of the skin in which it becomes red, swollen, and sore, sometimes with small blisters, resulting from direct irritation of the skin by an external agent Ilike pollen, nuts, etc.). Dermatitis can be caused by several sources, including allergens, irritants, infection, and more.

If untreated, a simple itch or rash can lead to widespread pain and distress. However, with the help of our services, our trained clinical team can help your pet regain or maintain healthy skin. 

Allergens can be found in the air, food, and the environment. Examples of allergens in humans are tree nuts (like chestnuts, almond, and walnuts), peanuts, pollin, dust, and mold.

The following are signs and symptoms of allergic reactions in animals:

  • Inflammation the skin (redness, swelling, hotness, etc)
  • Excessive licking and/or biting
  • Excessive itching
  • Excessive shedding
  • Watery eyes
  • Pain
  • Coughing and/or wheezing
  • General congestion

If you have noticed any of these symptoms in your pet, be sure to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. 

When you do come in, we will perform an examination and assess the condition of areas such as the skin and coat. We’ll also have a discussion with you about any environmental aspects that may be contributing to this reaction.

Next, we will recommend secondary diagnostic tests based on the findings of our primary examination. All of these tests can be processed quickly in our in-house diagnostic laboratory.

Treatment plans can sometimes be complicated, especially if your pet is allergic to multiple things. Treatment plans may include medications, creams, or injections. At Parkville Animal Hospital, we will always work with you to devise the best overall treatment for your personal situation and pet.

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