Digital Radiology

Digital radiography is a very common medical test that uses x-ray sensitive metal plates to directly capture data during a medical examination. It is especially useful in cases where advanced diagnostic analysis of the musculo-skeletal system is required (cases that this involves include a broken bone, tumor, internal foreign object, etc.). 

Digital radiography works by transmitting invisible waves into the body; some of which pass through, and others bounce back. The data (which consists of the locations of where waves dop and no not bounce back) is all aggregated, which creates an image.

Common conditions that require radiological analysis are stones in oregons like the bladder, gallbladder, and kidneys, arthritis/osteopathic issues, and spinal cord issues.

We are able to provide digital x-rays, which, unlike traditional film x-rays, can be stored directly on a computer, meaning we can avoid the unnecessary use of physical hard drives, cassettes, or CDs to store the computerized data. Digital x-ray images also take significantly less time to render and process, which means we can refrain from keeping our patients under radiation for long lengths of time. It also means you can see the results of the x-ray as fast as possible. With this information, we can help you and your pet faster.

Further, the digital images produced from our machines are all in high definition, which is far better than the lower resolutions that film x-rays provide.

Additionally, the x-ray device is relatively small and quiet (compared to magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography devices, which are slow, loud, and large), so digital radiography is less likely to cause unnecessary fear or stress from pets.

Digital radiology also allows us to capture structures more precisely, meaning that we can analyze the shape, position, and orientation of almost any bodily structure or organ, which leads to a more confident diagnosis.

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