A microchip is a small device that carries a unique identification number, and is roughly the size of a grain of rice. When the microchip is scanned by a vet or shelter, it transmits its unique ID number. The microchip is injected under the loose skin between your dog’s shoulder blades and can be done in your vet’s office. The procedure is quick, pain-free, and similar to a routine vaccination. 

A microchip is most useful in cases where a pet is lost or stolen, as they are the most reliable form of pet identification. In cases where a microchipped pet is found, special scanners can be used to identify the animals identification information. We recommend inserting a microchip in your pet sooner rather than later.

After the procedure is completed, be sure to register your device with a pet recovery database so places like animal shelters and animal hospitals can return your animal to you as quickly and easily as possible. Additionally, if there are any changes in phone numbers, addresses, etc., be sure to update that information in that database.

We also recommend collars and ID tags for your pets, even though they are not as reliable as a microchip. It is always better to be more secure!

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