Nutrition & Weight Management

A significant percentage of pets can be considered overweight, which can lead to kidney problems, dermatitis, arthritis, hypertension, and other metabolic problems. However, as a pet owner, you have control over what your pet eats. Proper nutrition and weight management can help your pet live a long, fruitful life!

If you think your pet could benefit from weight loss, we can help you! We can give nutritional and weight loss advice, discuss options for animals with special needs or allergies, and more. We can also talk with you about your pet’s feeding and exercise habits, possibly making changes if needed.

Be patient with your pet if they need to begin a  weight loss plan. The best weight loss schedule will take time, and may need to be adjusted based on effectiveness.

Some other ways you can regulate your pet’s weight include: avoiding overfeeding (i.e. giving pets table scraps, leaving extra food in their bowls, etc.), regular exercise, and keeping in touch with your veterinarian!

Also note that sometimes medications, genetics, and premature spay/neuter procedures can cause obesity in animals.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s weight, be sure to tell your veterinarian.

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